HR services

Effective management of staff, proper regulation of relations between staff, company and relevant government agencies, monitoring the development of the human resources system, identifying and eliminating potential risks are key issues for each company. From this point of view, Human Resources services of “Nexia EA” LLC will help you to effectively solve your Human Resource Planning and Management problems, timely and effective maintenance of employee needs arising within the company, and preventing workflow. Our Human Resource services cover the following:

  • Monitoring the human resources development process, identifying and eliminating potential risks
  • Personnel selection and hiring
  • Creation and management of personal files of employees, work time accounting controls, work documentation related to the acceptance and dismissal of the employees
  • Ensure the preparation of job descriptions for all positions
  • Execution of required operations on the e-government (E-GOV)
  • Social and mandatory insurance of employees
  • Organization of the processes of hiring foreign nationals, to obtain temporary and permanent residence permits, work permits for them
  • Recording of vacations
  • Calculations regarding to temporary disabilities
  • Participation in payroll processing
  • Submission of monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Supporting with legal opinion on labor legislation